Alcohol has a ripple effect. It can be devastating.

Why supporting someone with an alcohol problem is never just about alcohol In the past year Addaction has helped thousands of people with an alcohol problem. But it’s never just about alcohol. Treat the person From supporting older people through our Drink Wise Age Well programme to going directly into schools, we see how alcohol problems can affect people […]


Inability to Cope and Relapse

  The real danger for people in recovery is that the feeling of not being able to cope can quickly lead to relapse. This is because recovery is unsatisfactory when people feel overwhelmed by problems. They can start to romance the drink ; this is where they think back to the days when substance abuse did help them […]

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Victor Vasnetsov.

  The less people tolerated us, the more we withdrew from society, from life itself. As we became subjects of King Alcohol, shivering denizens of his mad realm, the chilling vapor that is loneliness settled down. It thickened, ever becoming blacker. Some of us sought out sordid places, hoping to find understanding companionship and approval. […]

The Fix – addiction and recovery, straight up

AA Cults I Have Known Alcoholics Anonymous has long been vulnerable to a creeping fundamentalism with cult-like tendencies. One longtime member recounts his brushes with some pernicious corruptions of the fellowship. Don’t drink it. Art: Danny Jock By Benjamin Aldo A couple of years ago I went to the Atlantic Group in New York. It was springtime, […]

Addiction: A Neurological Disorder

  Addiction is a neurologica Addiction: A Neurological Disorderly based disease. For many years recovery specialists have compared alcoholism or addictions to a physical disease: like diabetes. In reality addictions are more closely related to a neurological disorder like Tourette’s Syndrome* than they are to diabetes. If the problems you suffer stem from severe alcoholism or […]

The Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous Perpetuates Sexual Abuse

MENTAL HEALTH By Elizabeth Brown,  10 2017, 3:57pm  I still believe in the foundation of AA because it did save my life and help me get sober almost ten years ago,” says Adrian Wilson. She tells me she had been in the program for six years when she met a man at an Alcoholics Anonymous barbecue hosted […]