Road to Recovery



When the alcoholic is separated from alcohol  a door to the emptiness within can be opened.

Without it one loses a compass and a clock, a predetermined plan about where one is going and how life works. Remove it and there is a void, one quickly filled with anxiety. Known in AA as a dry drunk.

Recovery is a major life transition, the process can only happen one day at a time, but it can happen. The program of AA can teach us to live that one day at a time without the obsession to drink. All it takes is an open mind, and the willingness to follow the program of 12 steps.

Within the fellowship of AA, we are not alone, it provides a safe sober  haven, where we are among others just  like ourselves.

Follow the 12 steps, seek out a meeting, get a mentor to help you understand and follow the Big Book ( our manual to life  without alcohol).

As stated on page 58 of the BB: Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.

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