4 Things To Remember When You Feel Lonely



Our society applauds comfort and if we’re uncomfortable, we think there’s something wrong. Discomfort doesn’t mean that at all. In relation to loneliness, we have an opportunity to bring those things in our life which may be lacking.

When you’re lonely, there’s a longing to have someone or something more in your life.
To create a sense of wholeness. It’s okay to be lonely, everyone is at times. It’s okay to want something more in your life. The problem is when you feel like you’re not enough just the way you are. Because there’s nothing wrong with you.

So you’re alone…think of it this way: you’re on your own and creating the life you want.
You bring people and things in and out of your life, but you don’t “need” them to be happy.

Treat yourself with kindness.
You have a lot of options – connect with a friend, share some special time with a pet, or simply ask the little girl inside you what would please her. Listen for the answer, and take action on her behalf.

It’s never too late.
If there are areas in your life that are lacking, you have the power to get what you want. Be honest with yourself and write down ways you can manifest those things. Watch your “mad mind-chatter” trying to talk you out of it. Don’t give it the upper hand.

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