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Finding a Higher Power – 5 Practical Ways to Increase Spiritual Awareness

Trust God. Clean house. Help others.” We have all heard that one before. Sounds simple enough, but is it really that simple? The most common form of apprehension within recovery organizations, especially twelve-step based programs, lies in the concept of finding a higher power. I have heard people say countless times that “they don’t get […]

Symptoms of emotional and psychological trauma

  Following a traumatic event, or repeated trauma, people react in different ways, experiencing a wide range of physical and emotional reactions. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to think, feel, or respond to trauma, so don’t judge your own reactions or those of other people. Your responses are NORMAL reactions to ABNORMAL events. […]

Understanding Anger and Addiction

  For more info, click HERE How do anger and addiction go together? We get this question all the time at The Clearing. They are related, and when you add stress and anxiety you get a toxic cocktail that causes many to numb out with substances and other diversions. Read more to understand how these […]

“In the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting.”

BB Page 162-163 1st edition

Thus we grow. And so can you, though you be but one man with this book in your hand. We believe and hope it contains all you will need to begin. We know what you are thinking. You are saying to yourself: “I’m jittery and alone. I couldn’t do that.” But you can. You forget […]

Female Drinking and Brain Damage

By Buddy T Updated May 22, 2016 Medical research continues to reveal greater health risks for women who drink compared to men. The latest studies show that females, even young women, face more brain damage than men who drink the same amount for the same period of time. Previous studies have found that women who […]

4 Things To Remember When You Feel Lonely

http://www.womenworking   Our society applauds comfort and if we’re uncomfortable, we think there’s something wrong. Discomfort doesn’t mean that at all. In relation to loneliness, we have an opportunity to bring those things in our life which may be lacking. When you’re lonely, there’s a longing to have someone or something more in your life. […]