Putting Recovery on the Map


When most people are in the throes of addiction, they are unable to function like normal human beings let alone create works of brilliance. These 16 remarkable authors somehow managed to do just that.

However, while they may have been able to produce some literary works of art, pretty much all other areas of their lives suffered.


Are You a Real Alcoholic?

There are those who struggle with alcoholism who don’t fit the traditional stereotype. This article explores the question: are you a real alcoholic?

12 Signs Your Teenager is Using Drugs

Teen drug use can be extremely troubling and upsetting. The following are 12 signs that your teenager is using drugs and ways you can help them.


15 Signs That You Are a Sober Person

Recovery is a never-ending journey and while you may not recognize change, there are definite signs that you are a sober person.

I am So Grateful That it Makes Me Cry

Jess tells her story – after trying to get sober for 4 years she was finally able to put some time together and her story is full of gratitude.
The Drug Enforcement Administration is planning to decide whether marijuana should reclassified under federal law in during the first half of this year.

Send Us Your Personal Stories!!

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