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Putting Recovery on the Map

 Sobernation When most people are in the throes of addiction, they are unable to function like normal human beings let alone create works of brilliance. These 16 remarkable authors somehow managed to do just that. However, while they may have been able to produce some literary works of art, pretty much all other areas of […]


Many Alcoholics mistakenly believe that a ” blackout” means collapsing in a drunken stupor. Actually, a “blackout” is a state of temporary amnesia that results when so much alcohol is in the brain that a memory pattern is not formed during a period of time  that extends to minutes, hours or even days. Not all […]

Women For Sobriety, Inc

  For those that would like to try an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous, there is:  Women For Sobriety, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome alcoholism and other addictions. It is, in fact, the first national self-help program for women alcoholics. Our “New Life” Program helps achieve sobriety and sustain ongoing recovery. […]

Tradition Four

New Law Gives AA Sponsors Same Protection As Doctors, Attorneys in Civil Court

  For more click on The Fix.   By Victoria Kim 04/08/16   The legislation aims to protect the privacy of those in recovery in the hopes that it will encourage others to seek treatment without fear of repercussion. A new Washington state law gives AA sponsors the same protection as doctors and attorneys when […]

Addicts and Alkies need medical help, not jail.