Unknown Siloutte

When it is said, someone is addicted or dependent; it is meant the sufferer cannot operate their day-to-day life without the constant support of alcohol or drugs.
A tremendous amount of research has proven that addiction is a chronic disease of the brain. Despite this knowledge, many people, including some health care professionals, still describe addiction as some sort of moral weakness. We know that an addiction disorder is not caused by a lack of willpower or the result of some certain personality type.

Alcohol and drugs  increases the amount of the chemical dopamine in the brain’s reward center, which creates the feeling of pleasure that occurs when someone takes a drink. Alcohol also harms the part of the brain called the pre frontal cortex. This part of our brain is used for thinking and planning. When the brain tells us the pleasure of drinking or getting high is more important that the basic necessities of life, the alcoholic doesn’t realize he or she has a problem.That part of the brain is no longer functioning the way it should. The alcoholic is now in a state of denial.
There is a saying for an alcoholic one drink is too much and a thousand never enough.

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