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Not just your mind, depression affects your whole body

  For more on this please click HERE Researchers have proved that depression is more than a mental disorder as it causes important alterations affecting the whole body. Scientists from University of Granada (UGR) in Spain said depression should be considered a systemic disease that affects a number of organs and tissues or the body. […]

Letter from Carl Jung to Bill W

What is

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is neither endorsed nor approved by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S.) We are here to provide information on Addiction, which will include Alcohol abuse but also many other drugs including Nicotine. There will be talk about the 12 steps and history of Alcoholics Anonymous, but also other Recovery resources. There […]

Rule 62: ATTENTION, Important Information about consumption of Tequila! Señor Frog’s

Alcohol /Ethanol/Formula C2H6O

H.A.L.T: Understanding Your Triggers

By Sobernation:     The journey to recovery from an addiction to drugs and alcohol can be a very interesting one indeed. If you have considerable clean time under your belt, you fully realize that in between those days where you feel things are firing on all cylinders and going great there are those days where […]

Doctors should pause before dismissing the ‘12 steps’ approach to addiction

Washington Post By Jessica Gregg March 18 Jessica Gregg is medical director for substance use disorders at Central City Concern in Portland, Ore., and an associate professor of medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. Addiction has long been medicine’s unwanted stepchild. Doctors didn’t understand it, didn’t know how to treat it and felt helpless […]