Nicotine Anonymous Slogans To Help Us Be Happy, Joyous and Free Living without Nicotine


Together We Change

Many of us once thought that living without using nicotine was “just impossible for me.” We may have thought there was just something wrong or weak about our character. We didn’t fully understand the power of nicotine.

At meetings we see and hear that we are neither unique nor alone. We discover our similar experience with this addiction and obsession. We support each other and share a common hope.

Our Fellowship offers sanity and strength to prepare us for, and then to live, the miracle of not having that “next” one. Your “impossible” becomes our “possible” as we each realize that, together, we change.

Keep Showing Up

One of the most important things active nicotine users can do after their first meeting is to keep showing up at the next meeting. Setting a date to stop using nicotine may not need to be the primary focus. Since a common trait we often have is to hide behind the prop and/or smoke of a “nicotine screen,” showing up might be enough of a new behavior for the moment.

When we keep showing up we receive the shared courage and inspiration. Maybe for today we can’t do the “big” thing but, if we’re willing to do a “little” thing, we’ll find hope we hadn’t thought possible. Ask yourself, “What am I willing to do for this moment?” The answers create possibilities.

Even old-timers can keep showing up and make fresh discoveries. Willingness is the key that opens new doors for all of us.

Lengths Become Strengths

For most of us, our relationship with nicotine has been deep and wide. That is why we must become willing to go to any length to get and remain nicotine-free. Often, just becoming willing, shortens the length we need to go.

Those areas where we would rather stop short are often where we need to stretch forward. Each of us has our issues; each person decides for themselves. However, the more we stretch to a new length, the more strength we gain.

First Aid First

Whenever a craving threatens our life or a character defect jeopardizes our sanity, we respond by using this program’s first aid first. By practicing the Steps and using the tools that help us (meetings, phone list, literature, sponsor, and service), rather than the things that hurt us, we welcome the healing of recovery into our lives.

To Postpone it, Phone it

We can postpone our usual reaction to a craving if we pick up a phone and talk about what we’re experiencing. We make the call to our sponsor, a member of our Fellowship, or anyone supportive we can reach. Waiting until we have done this first, we can then see how we feel.Using nicotine, we were visible but not always present. Using the phone, we can practice having conscious contact with others. When we let others offer this service, we help them enhance their recovery.

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