Recovery NOW


Alcoholics Anonymous is a wonderful ancient book and has helped many, how many one will never know because it is anonymous.

For some reading an ancient text can be difficult. like ¨ To the Wives or The family afterwards and so on.¨

“Recovery now” is an alternative, it does not stray away from the steps because they are beautiful and timeless.

There is a new Doctor´s opinion, which explains why Dr. Silkworth  in his explanation to Bill W  used the term allergy. Today we know alcohol is a brain addiction like any other addiction. There are allergies to alcohol, where one breaks out in hives etc.

Most old timers, the bleeding hearts in AA are against the word ‘addiction’, because they feel themselves above the heroin user (for example).

But for those who wish to live in the real world:  Alcoholism is a brain disorder as is addiction to other drugs such as heroin nicotine etc.

Give it a read, cant hurt.



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