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The Obsession to drink

There have been many medical studies that show that alcoholics’s body doesn’t react to alcohol in the same way as a non-alcoholic’s body does.
When a non alcoholics drink, the alcohol gets broken down in their bodies in several stages: into water, sugar and carbon dioxide. But there’s been a lot of evidence that the alcohol doesn’t get broken down in quite the same way in an alcoholic’s body.

Because of this, instead of getting tipsy, the alcoholics crave more alcohol. The more they drink, the worse the craving gets. Drinking doesn’t make the craving go away or even make it more bearable, in fact, it makes it stronger. It’s like scractching a rash until it bleeds.
The physical craving is stronger after the twentieth drink than it was after the third.
Alcoholism is a progressive disease. That means the longer you have it, the worse it gets, even if you don’t go anywhere near alcohol.


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