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Withdrawal Symptoms


So what are withdrawal symptoms?

These are symptoms that occur when alcohol is leaving your body.  For the alcoholic there are both physical and psychological symptoms, take this as a good sign that the alcohol is leaving your body.  Here are some of the physical symptoms.

If you are a  chronic alcoholic, a long term drinker, stopping without medical help can be dangerous even deadly. 

Some minor symptoms, which can occur about 8 hours after the last drink include the following: tremor of the hands, anxiety, physical weakness, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis, sweating and insomnia.  These minor symptoms may constitute the entire withdrawal experience or they may overlap with major symptoms.  Major symptoms can occur 24 hours after the last drink and include hallucinations, seizures and delirum. An Alcoholic seizure is similar to an epileptic fit in that both involve loss of consciousness and  loss of body control, rigidity or tenseness and jerky movements, death can occur during such a seizure.  We urge you to seek medical advice and attention. Physical withdrawal is that uncomfortable time when the alcohol is leaving the body. Since Alcohol is both a physical as well as psychological, one can expect chaos in the mind as well.

Cravings for Alcohol: Cravings may be constant throughout the day or they may hit you at odd moments. Keep in mind, these are of a temporary nature.

Emotional confusion: Mood swings are common in the first few days of withdrawal; they can vary depending on the individual. You can go from elation (pink cloud) to suicidal depression or from happiness to fury. All types of unpleasant feelings emerge as the alcohol leaves your system.

Fear and anxiety: These emotions are common and painful, but with  will pass. During this period of withdrawal the mind seems unable to concentrate and the body unable to relax. Yet you may feel absolutely exhausted; avoid any major decisions during this period.

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our problems.”  ― Charlie Chaplan





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