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Finding Faith in a Higher Power


There is no recipe or set of instructions on how to build a relationship with a Higher Power. In 12-Step programs, finding a connection with your Higher Power is not a religious journey; it is a spiritual one. Religion may restrict your views and ability to build a connection. In recovery, you have the freedom to believe in whatever is going to work for you. Keep an open mind and rid yourself of any expectations. Building a relationship with a Higher Power is a unique journey that gives you to the strength to carry on each day.

It’s important to build a relationship with a Higher Power because it means that you have faith in something bigger than yourself. By having faith in a Higher Power, we are able to make peace with the things in our lives we have no control over, as well as take back control in our own lives. Having faith and turning things over are key parts to a lasting recovery.

A Higher Power is a “God” of your own understanding and perception. By seeing it this way, it is easier to accept into your life. Our Alumni Counselors suggested one restriction on what a Higher Power should not be: a person. A Higher Power is meant to be something that is more powerful than you, stronger than you, and everlasting. Your Higher Power may or may not be the same as someone else’s, and that’s okay. It is a personal relationship that does not need to make sense to anyone else.

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