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1939 Liberty Magazine article describing Alcoholics Anonymous and how it worked to help alcoholics recover from their disease.

“Alcoholics and God” by Morris Markey   Is there hope for habitual drunkards? A cure that borders on the miraculous — and it works! For twenty-five or thirty cents we buy a glass of fluid which is pleasant to the taste, and which contains within its small measure a store of warmth and good-fellowship and […]

Difficult Times

Alcoholics Anonymous – Chapter 5 HOW IT WORKS


Young when she joined, this A.A. believes her seri- ous drinking was the result of even deeper defects. She here tells how she was set free.  The mental twists that led up to my drinking began many years before I ever took a drink, for I am one of those whose history proves conclusively that […]

Finding Faith in a Higher Power

There is no recipe or set of instructions on how to build a relationship with a Higher Power. In 12-Step programs, finding a connection with your Higher Power is not a religious journey; it is a spiritual one. Religion may restrict your views and ability to build a connection. In recovery, you have the freedom […]


Who was the author of :”The Unbeliever”,  featured in the First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous?   DULL . . . listless . . . semi comatose . . . I lay on my bed in a famous hospital for alcoholics. Death or worse had been my sentence. What was the difference? What difference did anything […]