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Never forget

helping others

As we get further along in recovery, the memory of how bad our life really was may begin to fade. Do we vividly remember what we once were? Can we humbly recall the dark emotions that filled our soul? Do we have true compassion and genuine sympathy for those to whom we try to carry the message?

When we take a message of recovery to others, we must never forget where we came from and how we got where we are. As we share our message, let us not forget the following truths: We were a slave, just as others are today. Our heart was filled with confusion and painful emotions that others still feel. We were saved because of others who had come before us and by the grace of the God of our understanding, not because we were good enough.

Let us continue to carry the message of hope to others, by sharing our experience and by so doing give them hope. We can do this without arrogance or feelings of superiority over the newcomer.







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