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Narcisisim and the alcoholic

Narcissism is an exagrerated preoccupation with oneself and is frequently dealt with in AA literature. AA has no difficulty dealing with the personality problems of its members and  indeed, in steps 6 and 7 it tells members to address their defects of character and shortcomings before the balloon of self-importance can be burst. Dr Harry Tiebout was […]

As Bill Sees It

Middle of the Road, p.241 “In some sections of A.A., anonymity is carried to the point of real absurdity. Members are on such a poor basis of communication that they don’t even know each other’s last names or where each lives. It’s like the cell of an underground. “In other sections, we see exactly the […]

Effects of Alcoholism on children

Most Alcoholics live with the delusion their drinking is not effecting or hurting anyone but themselves. An alcoholic affects everyone in their environment  from parents, spouses, co-workers and, the saddest of all, are the children. At times the effects lasts a life time. Children of alcoholics are more vulnerable to emotional problems, addiction, eating disorders,and  relationship […]

Working with others.

But the ex-problem drinker who has found this solution, who is properly armed with facts about himself, can generally win the entire confidence of another alcoholic in a few hours. Until such an understanding is reached, little or nothing can be accomplished. That the man who is making the approach has had the same difficulty, […]

Twelve Traditions

The Twelve Traditions of twelve-step programs provide guidelines for relationships between the twelve-step groups, members, other groups, the global fellowship, and society at large. Questions of finance, public relations, donations, and purpose are addressed in the Traditions. They were originally written by Bill Wilson after the founding of the first twelve-step group, Alcoholics Anonymous. Several […]

Pioneering in A.A.

Diversity in A.A.

The hand of A.A.‐ Inclusive Never Exclusive In his writing about the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson recounts tales of fear and intolerance, membership rules and regulations are ostensibly geared to protect groups from anything or anyone that might upset the A.A. lifeboat. At one point Central Offices asked groups to send in […]