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Coming Out of Hiding


Many of us have spent our life in a state of hiding, ashamed of who we are inside. We may hide by living a double life, by using alcohol to make us feel like someone else, or by self-righteously setting ourselves above others. The steps  involve uncovering the things we have been hiding, even from ourselves.

When the real person inside us comes out of  hiding, we will have to deal with some dirt, pain and emotions we once hid from through drinking. It is only by uncovering the hidden parts of ourselves that we will be able to change the outer person, including our alcoholic behavior. Many of us feel insecure, many of us have suffered loss and betrayal, we keep those memories fresh in our minds, when in reality no one can change the past, not even God. Those feelings keep us prisoners, slaves to our alcoholism.

In order to heal, we must learn to forgive not only the ones that hurt us, but  ourself as well. At times this may seem impossible, but forgiveness can be done overtime, we do not have to forgive all at once, sometimes we can muster enough courage to forgive in stages, such as:

1. to forego—to leave it alone

2.to forebear– to abstain from punising

3. to forget–to aver from memory, to refuse to dwell

4. to forgive–to abandon the debt.

Our reward is freedom, to live life as at its fullest, to take the past hurts and pain to help others to be free. There is no greater reward.


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