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The Lost and Forgotten

lost and forgotten

It’s easy to turn our backs on the still suffering Alcoholic, most see us as weak or immoral. Truth be told, the alcoholic him/herself has little understanding as to why they cannot function as the so called normal’s.

We have tried doctors, psychiatrists and religion to relieve the perfect storm that continues to grow in our minds. Some have success with our learned professionals; others walk away with still no hope, only to continue their journey on the road to disaster and death.

It has been said that alcoholics are the modern day lepers, best to be avoided, but what about those who cannot or will not avoid us, the parents that love us, the children that have become innocent victims of the disease. The latter being the true heartbreak of this disease, most grow up with emotional problems and addictions of their own.

But there is Hope and that Hope is called Alcoholics Anonymous, where a new way of dealing with life on life’s terms is shown to us. The Big Book states, “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path”.

Alcoholics Anonymous in not a building, it’s a design for living, given freely to us, if we are willing to give ourselves over to the program.

Anyone can put the bottle down for a day; a month; a year. As the Big Book states the bottle is but a symptom, the true nature of the disease lives in the mind of the alcoholic and therefore the cure must also start in the mind.

To those left with no hope, nowhere, or no one to turn to, the door of A.A. remains open to you, regardless of how low the disease of alcoholism has taken you.

Many of us in the program hope to meet you and have you join us in this new way of life.

As Bernard Smith ( an early friend of A.A.) so adequately stated: ” A.A. is not just for the man in the room, or the man still struggling in the dark, but for the baby born in the world of alcoholism.”

May the hand of A.A. been there for as long as God needs us.


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