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Happy 78th Founders’ Day

78 coin

Dr. Robert Smith and his wife Ann joined the Oxford Group where they talked about their prayer needs. Dr. Bob confessed that he was a silent drinker and couldn’t stop and asked for prayers.

Henrietta Seiberling was in that religious group as well and committed to pray for him.

A friend, Bill W, came into town for a business venture that fell through, wanted to get drunk, and asked Henrietta if there was another drunk that he could talk to. His theory was that only another drunk could understand what he was going through and would help him maintain his sobriety.

Ms. Seiberling got Dr. Bob and Bill together for a six hour meeting at the gatehouse of Stan Hywet Hall, where they talked about the problems that they went through as a drunk. That meeting in 1935 led to Alcoholics Anonymous.
Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that allows men and women to share their experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another in order to help each other recover from alcoholism. The same philosophy that Dr. Bob and Bill W. used to help themselves in the beginning still works today. Their goal is to stay sober and to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.
Today marks the 78th Anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous.  June 10th was the day Dr. Bob put down his last alcoholic cup and is symbolically used as the moment of birth for this wonderful organization, which helped millions over the years to lead happy an useful lives.  Congratulations!!

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