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Joe McQ: Step 1 and 2


We’re thankful for all the responses received on the first video of Joe McQ and happy to bring you the second video of the series.

Once detoxed, Joe McQuany knew he’d have to find some way to stay sober. His way was Alcoholics Anonymous, even though, in 1962, as a black man he would be left out of the social bonding that’s such an important if informal part of its program. No matter. He
had the Twelve Steps, AA’s version of the Ten Commandments, and the Big Book. A testament and a faith. What more does a natural leader need? Build on it and the people will come.

Soon the man was organizing AA groups himself. He was a whiz at it. Not only because he’d been there and knew the cravings and excuses, the real desperation and false exhilaration of it all, but maybe because to save himself he had to save others.

JOE McQUANY wound up founding an offshoot of AA himself. He called his program Serenity House before it had a house — an old one on Broadway in Little Rock. As his program grew, he moved it to larger and larger quarters.


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