Our family of origin has had an influence on who we are today.  Some of us want to pretend that our family was, or is, nearly perfect.  Others of us may tend to avoid responsibility for actions by blaming our family.  Whatever the case, when we think about our own life, we also need to deal with our family and the effects its members have had on who we are today.

It’s all right to admit the truth about what brought us into addiction.  This might very well involve the wrongs committed by our parents and other family  members.  It’s perfectly all right to express our anger and regret over what has been done to us.  We have a right to hold others accountable and grieve over the negative effects their actions have had on our life.  That is all part of the real picture.  It’s
 not all right, however, to use this as an excuse for our wrong choices or for staying in out addiction.  Our relatives may be partly responsible for bringing us to this point, but we are responsible for moving on to a better place for ourselves and our family.
“The capacity for friendship is God’s way of apologizing for our families.”
― Jay McInerney
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