Staying away from the first drink

Taken from the book Living Sober, copright A.A.W.S.
cover living sober

Expressions commonly heard in A.A. are “If you don’t take that first drink, you can’t get drunk” and “One drink is too many, but twenty are not enough.”

Many of us, when we first began to drink, never wanted or took more than one or two drinks. But as time went on, we increased the number. Then, in later years we found ourselves drinking more and more, some of us getting and staying very drunk. Maybe our condition didn’t always show in our speech or our gait, but this time we were never actually sober.

If that bother us too much, we would cut down, ooor try to limit ourselves to just one or two, or switch from hard liquor to beer or wine. At least, we tried to limit the amount, so we would not g et too disastrously tight. OOr we tried to hide how much we drank.

But all these measures got more and more difficult. Occasionally, we went on the wagon, and did not drink at all for a while.

Eventually, we would go back to drinking — just one drink.

Instead of trying to figure out how many we could handle — four? — six? — a dozen? — we remember, “Just don;t pick up that first drink.” It is so much simpler. The habit of thinking this way has helped hundreds of thousands of us stay sober for years.

These fragments of prayer bring far more than mere comfort. They keep me on the track of right acceptance; they break up my compulsive themes of guilt, depression, rebellion, and pride; and sometimes they endow me with the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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