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“But for the Grace of God”

Xmas tree AlkiesThese words are often in the mouth of alcoholics and are used to acknowledge that we cannot be healed from this disease through any power of our own. Grace is a gift we receive from God, as we understand Him, which we receive through no actions on our part but out of pure love. This love springs from a simple belief.
Many of us celebrate this greatest, yet undeserved, love at Christmas. A season which we previously celebrated with spirits in liquid form we now celebrate through the spirit. And what better way to let Grace flow in us than by allowing it to flow through us.
We alcoholics know that we are there for each other and for those who still suffer from active alcoholism not only to spread the love for the power, which is greater than us, but also that it is the best way to remain sober and continue to recover and grow spiritually.
‘Alkies.org’ wishes a blessed and happy Christmas to all. Our chat-room is open 24 hours and we welcome all to come share the gift of sobriety through fellowship and twelve simple steps.
Alcohol” in Latin is “spiritus” and you use the same word for the highest religious experience as well as for the most depraving poison. The helpful formula therefore is: spiritus contra spiritum. Carl Jung

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