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Christmas gift

Xmas tree Alkies

During the holidays, depression; anxiety and the thought of escape through  drinking can rear its ugly head. Stick close to your home group, some A.A. groups have what is called an Alkathon. Their Meeting Halls remain open 24 hours for anyone in need of a meeting.

How do you get through the holidays sober?  By remembering you  have received  a wonderful gift, the gift of sobriety. So when those holiday blues hit, seek out a meeting, face to face, or online. Hold on to that gift, be grateful for your sobriety.Yes, even through times when life seems unfair or difficult. Nothing is here to stay, the good times pass but also the bad times.

“As in no other season we of AA gratefully reflect upon that miracle of rebirth and regeneration which has befallen us; we joyfully gaze upon the ever brighter radiance that suffuses our once dark world.”
Bill W. December 1951 Grapevine article.

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